About Our Studio

Thank you for stopping by Yellow Dog Studio!

My name is Lexie, and a yellow dog named Lucy is my helper. This is my story:


Once upon a time, I was a full-time homeschooling mom who loved teaching her kids from kindergarten through high school.  When I worked myself out of that profession, I did a few “regular” jobs before co-founding a non-profit organization that ran a school for at-risk teenagers.  I taught in a one-room schoolhouse, did administrative tasks, cleaned the floors, and kept the heat stove burning—and I loved it.  But one morning God told me I had cancer and I needed to see the doctor straight away.  I did…and He was right.  Though caught at an early stage, the illness and treatment left me unable to keep up the pace of my responsibilities, and in my grief over losing my ability to do a job I truly loved, another opportunity opened up for me.  I moved to Richland, Washington, to help care for my aging mother, but the prospect of teaching continues to draw me towards my heart’s delight. 


Everyone told me I was artistic from an early age--which made sense to me because I am a lot like my Dad…”I have his eyes and his nose and his artistic abilities,” I would tell my child-self.  But it was only after my own children were grown that I began owning the title of “artist” for myself.  I drew portraits in graphite and shyly revealed them to my closest loved ones.  I took a few art classes and discovered the joy of artistic community.  I got bolder, tried more media, showed more people, and helped others with their creative journeys.  I’ve painted everything from tiny miniature reproductions of famous artworks to large-scale outdoor murals, and my pieces have found homes from Alaska to Florida and from New Hampshire to California…as well as three little murals in Quito, Ecuador! 


I have opened Yellow Dog Studio to pursue my creative visions and help others realize their own.  I conduct painting classes, birthday parties, bridal showers, club meetings, and fundraisers at Yellow Dog Studio.  These fun art parties allow a person to arrive with only the willingness to have a good time and to leave with a finished work of art.  I demonstrate and explain each step as participants follow along, listen to music, enjoy a glass of wine or a cupcake, make new friends, and have a great time! 


Whether in entertaining or therapeutic environments, creating artwork provides a sigh of relief for the soul.  Even those who believe they “can’t draw a straight line” can relax and re-connect with creativity that spills over into happier days.  I LOVE being able to facilitate these experiences, and it would be my pleasure and privilege to paint with you!

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